sexta-feira, 6 de julho de 2007

just for today.......

Just for today.........

I have learnt that blogs are useful tools in learning and developing a second language!!!

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Nina Liakos disse...

Dear Claudia,
You have already done some really interesting things with your first blog! I hope you are enjoying blogging and seeing its potential as a teaching tool.
Nina (ESL teacher in Maryland, USA)

Mary H disse...

Awesome slideshows and music, Claudia! You'll surely capture your students' attention by using blogs in the classroom. Congratulations on your work so far!


Gladys Baya disse...

Well said, Claudia! Blogs can greatly contribute to the learning process indeed... and it looks as if you're already mastering them!
Way to go!
Buenos Aires, Argentina
(online colleague of Ana Maria's)